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Breast Cancer Prevention Starts With You

February 06, 2018

Don’t Be Afraid of the Unknown


“It’s hard to imagine, but if I hadn’t gone to the breast screening event, I may not be here today,” said Connie Cruz. She made an appointment for her mom, aunt and herself to attend DeKalb Medical’s annual Breast Cancer Screening event held in October. But, after she made the appointment, she realized that her son’s baseball game was on the same day. It was a tough decision because she didn’t want to miss his game.

Something told her that she really needed to go to the breast screening event. She was only 40 years old and this was her first breast screening. Luckily she followed her intuition and went to the event. When she went for her screening, it revealed something suspicious and they suggested that she get a mammogram. “Thankfully, I survived breast cancer because I caught it on time and I was treated with such great care at DeKalb Medical.” 

As a breast cancer survivor, she recommends women to “be on the lookout for changes in their breasts and don’t be afraid to put yourself first.” She also encourages women to not be afraid of the unknown.

To schedule your mammography, call 404.501.SCHD or visit DeKalb Medical for more information.