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Auxiliary Awards Over $28,000 to Various Departments

January 12, 2018

Each year, the funds raised from the Auxiliary Specialty Sales help support the Wish List, a program where the hospital’s departments can apply for funding for additional items for their areas. This year, more than $28,000 was awarded to the following departments: 
 Hillandare Cardiology   Hillandale Campus
Cardiovascular Services

Desktop blanket warmer
 Hillandale Breast    

Hillandale Campus
Comprehensive Breast Center

AED with Cover & Wall Mount

 Hillandale Radiology   Hillandale Campus

Patient Transfer Board
 3400 Surgical Unit   North Decatur Campus
3400 Surgical Unit

2 Sleep Chairs 
 3600 IP Rehab Group   North Decatur Campus
3600 Inpatient Rehab

2 Viper GT Wheelchairs
 Breast Center   North Decatur Campus
Comprehensive Breast Center

Welch Allyn Vital Signs Monitor
 Central Distribution   North Decatur Campus
Central Distribution

2 Duet suction units 
 DIC Vascular Lab   North Decatur Campus
Diagnostic Imaging Center

Fluroscopy Apron & Porta Shield
and Vein Finder
 DMPG Dr. Tina Ann-Kerr Thompson   North Decatur Campus
DeKalb Medical Physicians Group

2 Debitech Lifeline Auto AEDs
 Heart Wellness Center   North Decatur Campus
Heart Wellness Center

Precor Recumbent Bike
 Pastoral Care   North Decatur Campus
Pastoral Care Services

2 Portable Communion Kits
 Rehab Education   North Decatur Campus
Rehabilitation Education

Dura Rite Reversible Dry-Erase Board

Other Recipients Include:

North Decatur Campus
Acute Care Rehab

Packet of 80 booklets, 2 Mamroo seat covers,
12 Tortle head repositioning beanies


Vascular Lab
L12-3 Honda Transducer


     Central Distribution
     2 Duet suction units


   Electric Stapler

  Total Donated: $28,071