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orthopedic services

Whether you're a sports-lover, senior or “on the go” adult, DeKalb Medical at Hillandale has advanced orthopedic solutions to meet your needs. Through a full range of services, our board-certified orthopedic surgeons can help you regain and maintain optimum mobility and flexibility

DeKalb Medical at Hillandale offers the following specialty surgical and nonsurgical treatments for common joint discomfort including:

Knee Solutions

  • Arthroscopic surgery - Hear more about arthroscopic knee surgery from Dr. Augustine Conduah
  • ACL reconstruction Knee Cartilage or “Meniscus tears”
  • Kneecap (patellar) pain
  • Total knee replacement

Hip Solutions

  • Hip arthroscopy
  • Total hip replacement, hip fracture surgery

Shoulder Solutions

  • Rotator cuff repair - Hear more about rotator cuff injury from Dr. Augustine Conduah
  • Shoulder arthroscopy
  • Shoulder replacement (develop testimonial)

Get more information on how to Say goodbye to hip pain for good.

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