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Judy McMahanJudy R. McMahan has deep ties with DeKalb Medical—as a volunteer, fundraiser, philanthropist and patient. Her experience as a cancer survivor and the support she received during her cancer journey is just one of the stories shared by DeKalb Medical Cancer Center patients.

“My journey with DeKalb Medical began as a volunteer delivering flowers and cards to patients in 1976. Twenty years later, I never expected to become a patient, much less a four-time survivor of ovarian cancer. As the founder of the DeKalb Medical Foundation and a current board member, I can tell you that DeKalb Medical has not only been my life, it has saved my life.

“When you experience cancer firsthand, you understand and can see ahead to what patients need. For me, that means DeKalb Medical will be home to top-notch oncologists, caring nurses and the ‘newest of the new’ technology. It will be a place where phenomenal care is conceived and delivered and where miracles occur more often than you can imagine.

“One of the defining moments in my treatment with DeKalb Medical was when I was battling a fourth round of cancer. During that time, I decided to visit the renowned M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Texas for a consultation and additional opinion. Their confidence in the care I was receiving at DeKalb Medical was so high that they told me to ‘go home’ and continue my treatment plan. The advanced care I needed was right here at DeKalb Medical.

“Today, I can say that I feel better than I ever have. I’m a miracle, and I know it. I’m still here, thanks to DeKalb Medical and the good Lord. I love DeKalb Medical, and I love being a part of their journey to keep getting better at what they do so that their patients get better.”

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