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beverly hutchinson, R.N.

Beverly Hutchinson, R.N.It isn’t often that the perfect job comes along—one that uses your talents, skills and experience while giving you an opportunity to do something you love. That is, however, how Beverly Hutchinson, R.N., feels about her new position as liaison with the DeKalb Medical Foundation.

In her new role, Hutchinson provides concierge services to donors in the Foundation’s newest program, Friends of the Foundation. “Donors to the Friends of the Foundation make a personal contribution to their community when they donate $5,000 or more to the Foundation,” says Hutchinson. Her services to members of the program include help with managing paperwork, telephone calls to friends or families, and being available to answer questions.

Hutchinson is uniquely suited for her role—having been a nurse at DeKalb Medical and an active Foundation donor. She worked in the Mother/Baby Department of the hospital, where she met her husband, William H. Hutchinson, M.D., an obstetrician/gynecologist. She has also served on the Foundation Board of Trustees since its inception in 1991 and was a charter member of the Nightingala Committee, on which she served for several years. Along with her husband, Hutchinson is also a member of the Foundation’s Founders’ Circle. Since joining the Foundation to launch the new program, she has become a member of PEACH (Partnering Employees Actively Committed to Healthcare), the DeKalb Medical employee-giving program.

Taking a position with the Foundation made sense to Hutchinson. She explains, “I’m happy to return to DeKalb Medical as an employee because it gives me a way to come back to nursing and work directly with patients, and to positively affect someone’s life.”

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