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DeKalb Medical Nurse Referral Program

Want to earn some extra cash? Refer a nurse today! Follow these steps and you can’t go wrong.

Steps to Refer


Are You Eligible?

  • You must have an active status in the DeKalb Medical payroll system; this also includes PRN staff.
  • The person you refer must be a qualified applicant to receive an incentive through this program.
    • An applicant is defined as: a qualified individual not currently employed by, or on the payroll of, DeKalb Medical.
  • The applicant must be hired into the approved position for which you referred them.
    • Travelers and per diem nurses already affiliated with DeKalb Medical are ineligible to be referred. New graduate nurses are also ineligible to be referred.
  • Employees who resigned in good standing from DeKalb Medical must wait one year after the payroll termination process is complete to be considered an eligible applicant for this referral program.
  • Current employees completing nursing school are not eligible as referral applicants.


Have You Done the Following?

  • Submit a completed nurse referral form prior to the date the position is offered to the applicant. This form can be found in the Nurse Referral Form tab above.
  • You can submit this form in three ways:
    • Fill in the form online. Print it and turn it in to the human resources office at your campus.
    • Fill in the form online. Print it and fax it to 404.501.0794 ATTN: Natalie Jones
    • Fill in the form online. Save it to your computer as a PDF and email it to natalie.jones@dekalbmedical.org.


So…How Do You Get Your Money?

  • You will NOT receive your referral incentive pay if your nurse referral form is received after the applicant’s original application is put on file. 
  • If your referral is hired, you will receive your incentive in two parts:  
    • 50% of payment after the new employee has completed six successful months in the hired position.
    • 50% of payment after the new employee has completed 12 months of continuous employment in the hired position.
  • This payment will be part of your regular paycheck and is subject to all applicable state, federal and FICA taxes, which will be deducted and must be reported as part of your yearly earned income.
  • If you or the person you referred terminates employment from DeKalb Medical prior to completing the payment timeframes listed above, you will forfeit the remaining incentive pay.

Referral Jobs & Rates

Referral Incentive Rates for
Full-Time Experienced Nurses

Referrals for New Graduates, Float Nurses and PRNs are not part of this program.

Expires: October 31, 2015

Premium $5,000 Level

  • Emergency Department at Hillandale & North Decatur
  • ICU at North Decatur
  • Cath Lab
  • EP
  • Operating Room

$3,000 Level

  • Long Term Acute Care at Downtown Decatur
  • Mother Baby
  • Oncology (4200) and Surgical (3400)

$1,000 Level

  • All other Med-Surg Nurses and Areas


Please note: The employee referral program is subject to change and/or discontinue at any time deemed necessary by the DeKalb Medical human resources department. Eligible positions and incentive amounts are set, based on urgent staffing needs. In the event all steps to receive an incentive are not completed, both you and the person you refer may forfeit any/all incentive payments made according to the Employee Referral Program policy. Administrators and human resources staff are NOT eligible to participate in this program.

Referral Form

Please take a moment to complete the Nurse Referral Form. Once you complete the form you can:

  • Print it and turn it in to the human resource office at your campus
  • Print it and fax it to 404.501.0794 ATTN: Natalie Jones
  • Save it to your computer as a PDF and email it to natalie.jones@dekalbmedical.org
2701 North Decatur Road Decatur, GA 30033
Patient Inquiries: 404.501.5200

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